Friday, October 16, 2009

altered domino

ok so this domoino turned out competely wrong, i mean i still kind-of like it, but it is not what i wanted. you really can't tell in the picture but it is red, and i wanted pink, one of the flies didn't turn out, there was a stamp behind the tree, but it smeared. then when i sprayed the tree, i touched it (impatience is not a good thing when waiting for something to dry) and it smeared. then the mushrooms at the bottom of the tree didn't come out like i wanted. ugh!!!, well the reason i wanted to show this to you is that the tree is a great punch from ek success, i took the stencil from a tree that i punch and sprayed it with mayan spray stuff. so the whole point of my rambling is to say save that punched paper, you never know when you will need a cute stencil. now here is a domino that i love and plan on turning it into a necklce, it's my punched tree! if you look closely, you will notice two lines, what i did is tied string around the domino then sprayed with the same mayan spray, this time i let it dry and then cut the strings. i must say it is cute! lisa

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