Tuesday, October 27, 2009

halloween necklace

ok so i messed with the exposure of this picture, but i couldn't make any picutres work. remember the ice cube trays from the first post, well i wanted to make a resin skull from them. well, my resin was in the back of the closet, since i haven't used it in years, and so it was unusable. i still had it in my head to make a skull with glitter on it and turn it into a necklace. first i tried translucent polymer clay, well that wouldn't come out of the mold clean enough, so out came the hot glue, yes this is hot glue. i put a little glitter in the mold then pressed the hot glue down in it. i used a low temp gun, i think a high temp would have been easier, both i only have a low temp. i wanted to drill a hole down the middle, but it was hard to control the drill in the glue, so out came the wooden disk. let me know what you think, lisa

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