Wednesday, October 14, 2009

smeared and smudged twisted tues

i hope i'm doing this right, this is a first for me. i'm entering smeared and smudged twisted tues challenge. the challenge is to use a real piece of hardware and a stamp in your project. well i started off making an altered picture frame that my cat broke the glass out of (that should be posted later) and i ended up with this wonderful bracelet. i have this great fly stamp that i stamped on card stock, then placed it in the middle of a washer. i wanted to drill holes in the washer itself, but well, i lost a drill bit trying that, so i glued the washer to a wood disk. i love, love, love this bracelet. right now it is a little big, but i couldn't wait to show it! go and check out smeared and smudged blog. i tried to post a link so i hope it works, she does wonderful things, so go and check her out. if the link doesn't work it the post on thurs will be something i down right stole from her, yes i'm admitting it, i stole her idea. :) i did do one small thing different, but that is for thurs.

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