Friday, January 29, 2010

peachy keen stamps challenge

hello, this project is for a peachy keen stamps challenge. it can be in any format, it must contain a vintage item, and one stamped image. well, the picture, shoe and button are all vintage. the shoe and the button came from my grandmother's button box. and the picture is of my grandmother and grandfather. when the glass broke out of the picture frame, i saved it and i decorated right on the frame backing. the first picture is what the stamps looked like before i added the glitter to them. the heart is the corner was pink before i added brown ink to it. the glitter is martha stewart's, love it. the wooden disks that the flowers are on, are actually beads, i have just covered the hole with the flowers. i added a little brown ink to the edge of the hummingbird to give it a more vintage feel. the back i painted blue, then with good ole white glue mixed with pearl ex, painted over the blue. enjoy!! lisa

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