Tuesday, March 16, 2010

altered trading card

hello, welcome back! here's the other i promised. i sprayed the back with red and black mayan spray stuff. which gave it a glittered textured feel. then i cut out 3 strips of extra laying around black paper. my 3 year old had fun with sissors and a one dollar bill. so i inked it with brown ink. the paper is from the instructions from the previous post. for the top skull, i blended red and silver polymar clay, then stamped it with a bombshell stamp. when it was done cooking i painted washed it, i watered down black paint and rubbed it on. for the skull on the bottom, i stamped it on red card stock then went over it with black ink, then i blended black and red glitter for the eyes. i distressed the green paper, which you can't tell on the picture. enjoy! lisa

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