Thursday, April 1, 2010

smeared and smudged blog hop

hello, it's smeared and smudged blog hop time!!!! smeared ink on the ning network is a great bunch of ladies, who have a great way of stamping. just click the title and it will take you right over there. and if you don't know about smeared ink, well you should. unique and unsual stamps await you. for the blog hop terra wanted us to theme the projects with a surprise, like a hidden feature or a different techinque or tool. so here is my card. i used foil on the outer edge for a little bit of a different look. i stamped the fly and then sprayed with mayan stuff. i cut a circle in the middle paper for my surprise
i stamped the skull from bombshell stamps, then sprayed it with mayan spray stuff. i attached ribbon to the back of the red paper, which is the center paper sprayed with the mayan spray stuff. i didn't glue the center paper down, i held it down with an eyelet at each corner. enjoy! now get to hopping!!! lisa

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