Wednesday, May 12, 2010

very sketchy from smeared ink

hello, how's life? i made this for the ver sketchy challenge from smeared ink, just click on the title and it will take you right over there. the sketch is around so my first thought was a record. i LOVE records, so i have a bunch, but none that could be ruined. so the family and i went to a flea market, where i found a bunch of great records and one bad one. i used the bad one for my project, i will not reveal the name of the album in case there is someone who likes the person and will get offended that i ruined said person's album. i have a wonderful husband who for mothers day bought me a smeared ink stamp!!!!!! (i have some neat stuff that i have made with them so stay tuned!!!!) and sent me loose in hobby lobby with some money!!!!! so i got a heat embosser and some other wonderful things to be showcased later. i embossed some wooden disks and ian's name. i tried to make it look like an album name with "california dreaming" under it (since that is where we were when i took the pictures), but it didn't look very good. enjoy! lisa

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