Wednesday, November 17, 2010

look at what i started

hello guys and dolls! i have this great collection of old magazines, books, post cards, map, letters, loads of stuff perfect for paper crafting! the thing is i have a ton of it, so i decided to sell it by the pound. this will also help me be able to feed my crafting habit :). each package will contain an assortment of things, you never know what you will get! you can order by way of my blog (see it, there up on the corner there) or through madness paper on etsy. one day i might even start doing kits! for the month of november, if you order through by blog you will get twice the amount of paper! so, if you order one pound i will send you two pounds!!!!! now i'm only doing this by way of my blog, if you order on etsy, you will get just the one or two pounds. also, for the rest of the month, starting today, if you leave a comment you will be entered in to win one pound of paper!!!!!


Alison said...

WOw!!! What fabulous ephemera it looks like you have! I can't believe you have so much that you can sell it buy the pound. What a great idea!

ldfdesign said...

thanks mam, i had to look up your big word, you smarty pants you :)