Thursday, November 11, 2010

smeared ink!!!!!

HAPPY VETERANS DAY! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY! THANK A VETERAN TODAY! hello again! just to let you wonderful people know that i could be in and out for the next couple of weeks, we are remolding and moving. not as much fun as i had pictured in my head, damn you hgtv! i made this for smeared ink's rock and rolla challenge (but i don't want you or anyone else to play, cause i want to win the set :). i made this from inspiration from david bowie's 'i'm afraid of americans' song. i used chicks dig guns from smeared ink. i tried to color her dress to match mr bowie's shirt.  i love where's waldo, have forever, and one of my books died, i cried, then ripped it up. enjoy! lisa (didn't mean for the gun to be pointing at the baby)

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