Wednesday, December 29, 2010

smeared ink!

hello, with the holiday and the move and family coming in from all parts of the globe, i've been neglecting my smeared ink duties :( so, for the next three days i will be making up for it :).  (random side note, if i have another child and it's a boy i'm going to name him royal) so for this wonderful, marolous card i used the as death set from smeared ink. i stamped death on velum, then attached it too a book page. for the card base i used the brown paper backing from when you have used all your paper up. i inked it up with brown, red, and green ink. you know the small left over paper slices from paper cutting? well i save all of them (well almost all of them). that is what i used for the corners and then i cut off the execess. two jewels finish it off! enjoy and come back tomorrow for more!!!!! lisa


kristie said...

OH WOW!LISA, love that card , and the name Royal is cool,,, but tis def NOT worth having another carpet muncher to use the name,, not in this house anyways!! I love my mini me's but I am done!no more babies for me,,until they decide to give me grandbabies that is......dunn dunn dunnnn.. lol

Shelley said...

Lisa, that is great. I love that stamp. Royal is a really cool name.

Zandra said...

WOW what a wonderful card everybody likes it.

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