Wednesday, January 19, 2011

smeared and smudged member blog hop!!!!!

hello, and welcome to the smeared and smudged member blog hop!!!! we would like to welcome you to join us here at the smeared and smudged forum! the theme for the hop is something new, to try or do something new. well, my something new is using stamps in a painting. now this may not be new to some, and i do use stamps with paints and on altered things, but this is done on an 8 by 10 thing. i painted it with red and black arylic paints then stamped the fly on the 'painting'. i then printed out some ladies from femdom from smeared ink. i colored them with blue then olive colored pencils. (sorry about the pictures, bad lighting and weather). i cut out some bugs from an old biology book and 'hello my pet' also from femdom. why is it things look better in person then on the internet. anyway, i also wanted to show what i wanted to put up for monday's blog hop! (that didn't get finished on time)

you know when the love of your life starts changing their phone number, moving, changing jobs, in general playing hard to get. will i have made the perfect gift! i used a v-day grumpie from smeared ink.  i printed them out very small, then cut out 3 circles for each flower to place them in the middle. to make the flowers, i stuck a wire in the middle, then cut slits and then crumpled them. i printed out 'i'll find you' rather large, then covered with glitter. for the base i cut a foam ball in half then painted it with pink, black, and silver paint, before it dried, i lightly covered it with glitter. it is too cute! now get to hopping! enjoy! lisa

Black Dragon
;;Lady Brayton



Alison said...

Great projects! I know what you mean about things looking better in person! Love the Grumpie Bouquet!

Jane said...

A fantastic picture looks great
Luv Jane xxx

Scrap Vamp said...

I really like these new stamps! They are way out of the ordinary!

paula akers said...

Love these, esp. the grumpie bouquet.

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Great images aren't they.
Your grumpy tree looks like a lot of fun

blackdragon said...

I havent had the courage to use the images you have used yet.....but i will soon!
Love how you combined the femdom with the butterflies... such an impact...a real statement piece... and if it looks better in real life...WOW!
love the grumpie flowers are terrific. x

DK Spins said...

Wonderful projects, both of them. I've never stamped in a painting before either, and yours turned out so bold. I love it!!! Grumpie flowers are just the cutest Lisa. TFS, Dianne

KC said...

these are both great I love the femdoms and bugs and those grumpie flowers are so fun! great ideas!!

CraftyMomOf2 said...

gorgeous projects all around lisa!! i love what you did with both!! great job trying something new!!


Kelli said...

I totally love the grumpie boquet!!! its wonderful! both projects are wonderful!!! I too know what you mean about things in pictures not looking quite the same!!! Love them anyway though!

~Lady B~ said...

I hear you with the "things look better in person" bit. That's how my hybrid projects started. I'd scan my project and it would look like it was missing something. I'd be too lazy to go to my craft area and bust out supplies so I'd digitally add embellishments or textures. Happy little accident as hybrid projects are my most favorite things now!

Anywho...great projects! I love the muted stamps with the bold red. Awesome contrast! You grumpie project cracked me up! Stalk much?! LOL! That would be a perfect thing for one of my friends to give to her ex! Totally made me giggle!