Monday, February 7, 2011

the scrap factory!!!!!

hello! i had an etsy page called madness paper (well, i still have it, but i'm going to be phasing it out). but i have a dream to open a scrapbook store one day, so, if that happens, i would like it to be called, the scrap factory. so i opened another etsy shop called the scrap factory. this is the first kit in my shop!
i'm super exicted about this new shop! i still will be carrying the vintage paper goodies, but i will also be adding lots of great items for you to get creative with. my first kit includes 5 of each item: due date cards, due date pockets, mini tags, ribbon, yarn, mini clothespins, 'lives with wonder' (pre stamped on paper), pre cut book pages, and 10 (5 each) pre-cut paper.
how awesome is this kit!?!  when i started out madness paper, i added things quickly. this time i will be taking my time, so check the shop often to see what is new! there are so many wonderful things that can be made with this kit. bouns is the due date pockets have a sticky back, so they can be used for gift tags, or decorate them up and stick them on a scrapbook page to hold a memory! enjoy! lisa

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