Monday, May 23, 2011

scrapbook page!!!!

hello again! did you know simply betty is holding a dt call? if not, then go here. so, i made this scrapbook page for the call! the picture is of my hubby in his younger years (before we met). now his name doesn't start with a G, but his last name does, and that is what all his friends call him. when we are in a crowed area and i yell his first name he will not hear me, but as soon as i yell the last name, he turns around. crazyness. back in the day hubby used to be really big into skatebroading (even won a few tournments) so i used 'christian' from simply betty. the clock and the key came from paperie. for the g, i added a few book pages in random places, then put a light coat of green on top! well i really hope i get on the team, if not, well, everything happens for a reason! enjoy! lisa

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