Saturday, August 20, 2011

hello, what's happing? this beatuiful piece of work is from a pattern called 'garden path' from my very good friend leann. the 3 center row fabrics are vintage feed sack bags (i bought a big bag of these at a garge sale and had no idea what they were until leann told me). this quilt was super easy and yet i have no idea why it took me 7 months to finish it. i truely have a problem finishing large projects.
in the first picture, did you see the ground? it's awful here in south texas. i can count the times it has rain this year on ONE HAND. i have never prayed for a hurrican to come (be careful what you wish for and tempating fate and all that) but we really need rain here, bad!!!! i miss having grass. anywho, the yo-yo's are also made from the same feed sack bags. this was a fun quilt, not my taste though, it was made for a gift. oh and something just plain strange, every evening our ice cream person has been driving around playing Christmas music of all things! enjoy! lisa


Bits & Pieces Quilting said...

That's an awesome pattern that your friend Leann has created! She must be super-special!!!

Kristina said...

Beautiful quilt! Your great!