Wednesday, January 4, 2012

let's sew wednesday!!!!!

hello and welcome back! with the start of a new year, comes the start of a new let's sew Wednesday! today i bring you two onies i made for my great niece (i think it is so awesome that i'm a great aunt)
the first was super easy to do! i embroidered the hummingbird image on to a green piece of fabric.

the image came from urban threads. the reason i did it on a separate piece of fabric is so the back of the image won't irrate her skin. it is sewn on using a decorative stitch! super easy and super cute!
i love to make yo-yo's when we go on long trips, so, i have a ton of them. while surfing the web i saw some super cute yo-yo oneis, so i stole the idea!

both of these took about an hour to make! not to bad, it almost makes me want to have a girl! but my other niece is pregnant, so hopefully another girl is on the way! (we find out next week!!!!!) enjoy! lisa

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