Saturday, June 16, 2012

For The Birds!

morning merry sunshines'! how you doin'? this is cute and easy! bird feeder from an old bad record (only the bad get used in my crafting world). pre-heat your oven on the lowest setting, around 250. find an oven safe bowl or pot that you will be able to shape the bowl with. place the record on top of said bowl or pot and leave in the oven for a few mins. keep checking it and when it is soft take it out, you will need to work fast. with your hands cover with heat-restaint coving, mold your record over the pot into a bowl shape, and let it cool down.  once it's hard, drill 1 hole on each side for your wire to hang your feeder. i added a few beads to mine, bending the wire between each so they will stay in place. for the hole in the middle of the record, i placed a sticker so the bird food won't fall through. now go out and make 10 of them! enjoy! lisa  oh and to get crafting records cheap, look for the scratched ones, you can pick them up for a dollar and under!