Thursday, June 28, 2012

wall art

 hello! i'm trying very hard to get better a posting more often, so bear with me! a while back ago i won the coolest prize pack from retro cafe art's facebook page. every wednesday they have random wednesday, in which you have a chance to win a gift card or goodies. i won goodies, it was so awesome getting that in the mail, and since i'm an awful blogger, i forgot to take pictures of the awesomeness!
in the above picture is their flaming heart, which arrives to you in brown. i painted the heart blue and a mix of red, orange and yellow to back the flames. for the square i used some ms glitter. cute and easy!

for this beauty i used some great lotteria paper i picked up and covered the back with it. i painted the edges a light blue. i used the devil and angel stencils from retro cafe art. i traced them out, covered the outline with glue and glittered away! i sealed the whole thing with modpodge (i think). enjoy! lisa

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