Tuesday, July 10, 2012

once upon a sad table

hello and welcome! this lovely side table/foot stool i got for free!!! from a friend of mine who was having an estate sale. i dug it out of the garage, it even came with lovely bugs in a spider web!

 as you can see i got rid of the bugs and spiderweb and stained the entire piece a rosewood stain. there was a couple of holes on the side of the legs i filled in with wood filler stuff.
 i just stapled a few layers of extra batting i had to the bottom, then i cut this awesome coffee sack i picked up on sale at an antique store. then i stapled the crap out of that, it will not be going any where soon!

sadly i didn't think before i did all my stapling, because i should have added foam to it, honsetly, it's not very soft, but it looks awesome! enjoy! lisa

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