Monday, March 10, 2014

Lace and Solder

 Hello and welcome! I picked up a bag of different vintage lace pieces all with damage to them. I hate buying good lace just to cut up, so I always look for the damage pieces and leave the good pieces for people who will appreciate an undamaged piece.
 I love the dancing people!!!!!
 See the sad hole. :(
I fussy cut out the dancing people to make this super awesome 2in x 2in soldered pendant.
In the same piece, I fussy cut the flowers for another 2in x 2in pendant. If you would like to buy either one of theses pendants, please go here or here. Enjoy!


fairyrocks said...

Spectacular piece. How gorgeous to freeze it in a charm frame. Keep smiling and creating...just creeping through on day one of this hop.

Sarah Nancarrow said...

Awesome projects - I love your recycling approach to your craft, the lace looks fantastic as pendants!! Brilliant idea :)