Thursday, October 22, 2009

halloween card

ok, i admit i'm not the best card maker in the world, but i'm working on it and y'all get to watch my progess :). well for the next three posts i'm going to make 3 different cards with the same basic materials. i just want to show that you don't have to have alot of materials to get different results. don't get me wrong, i love buying stamps, paper, stickers, bling, etc, etc. sometimes though you can't justify to your significant other that you need that stamp when he/she already knows how many you have. now there isn't major differences in the cards, but they are different from one another but i liked them and i hope you will too. i hate to toot my own horn :), but i think the kitty is too cute, she is a puffy sticker, sort of. i stamped with glue and used martha stewart's wonderful glitter. then i put diamond glaze on top, then cut it out. i did the same with the flies. (do worry one day i will stop using the fly :)). for some reason the pictures are out of order and i can't fix it, sorry. by the way have you ever made a comment about something to realize that you didn't say what you wanted because you didn't read the whole thing threw, then you come off sounding like a (some sort of adj. here) ahh well. oh, and one more thing to add, get on, or click the link on top for some great blog candy. go and check her out, she does good things. ok, so click on the title, halloween card and it will take you to her site,(at first i didn't think it was going to work :)) lisa

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