Wednesday, October 21, 2009

painted pumpkin

my oldest son had to decorate a pumpkin for school, but he couldn't carve it. my wonderful husband made these great bat wings, along with the eyes and teeth. sadly, he didn't win. oh well, mike and i were more disapointed then mikey was. i really wishing that i had made a copy of the wings so i could have made a templete (or at least tried to make a templete) for you guys. hopefully it will be in good condition when we get it back from school, so i can try and do it. i'm trying to win some great blog candy from peachy keen stamps. they have super cute, super sweet stamps over there. head to and check them out, then head on over to to try and win some blog candy. i already know what i want to order, the cute elf and the faces stamps.

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