Monday, October 19, 2009

halloween wreath

one day we needed somethings for a school project for my oldest. well, i went into the dollar tree and fell back in love. i hadn't been in awhile and i forgot what awesome stuff they have, so i bought and bought and even went back the same day and bought some more. well if you remember from my first post, the moss on the wreath is left over from that (the moss goes a long way) the skeletons came in a pack of 6, i believe, and the crow was by himself, also were a dollar each. the crow did have feet but i cut them off, poor guy. the skull in the middle of the ribbon is just salt dough, from the first post. now the wreath i did have to go to hobby lobby and pick up, but the ribbon i had on hand, which i'm pretty sure came from hobby lobby. my oldest says that it is creepy and he doesn't like it. but my husband and i like so it stays, (i know mean parents, but it is put up kinda-of high, sooo). by the way, it doesn't normally rest on our floor lamp, that was just for picture purposes only. if you like there is one available on my etsy page. lisa

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