Tuesday, October 20, 2009

another altered domino

i love making altered dominoes, as you will see. i know it is early, but i love Christmas so here is my first of many ornaments. this was a pain in the butt, i still love it though, and will make it again. what can i say i'm a glutton for punishment! putting the jump rings on is what gave me the most problems, i was worried about ripping the butterflies, so apparently i wasn't closing them all the way, when i would move it, the butterflies would fall off. well after many, many tries, i finally got it! the butterfly punch is from martha stewart. i'm sorry about my pictures, but in the middle of the butterfly is my favorite stamp, the fly. this looks so much better in person. oh by the way, something i have learned making dominoes, be careful when drilling, they will get hot and start to melt on the inside, so if you feel your domino getting hot, stop and let it cool down. lisa

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