Tuesday, November 30, 2010


hello, i made this card for the smeared ink forum, video challenge, the video is from slipknot's vermillion pt 1. in this video, there was a girl, a beach, and a butterfly. ok, so that wasn't the only things in this video, but those are the items i drew inspiration from. i used shadow thingys from smeared ink and the butterfly came from tac, and the beach scene came from martin handford.  guess what!!!!! tomorrow starts the 12 days of Christmas, smeared ink style!!!! here's all the info, and you could win something!!!! today is the last day for my giveaway, so leave a comment, the winner will be announced sometime in the afternoon. enjoy! lisa

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KC said...

this is a great card! I love the shadow things! and those butterflies are really cool....is it just paper and ink because they look kinda textured....Can't wait for the 12 days its going to be awesome!