Monday, January 17, 2011

smeared ink new release blog hop!!!!!

hello all and welcome to smeared ink's new release blog hop!!! over at smeared ink they are releasing FIVE sets of new digi's!!!! i'm learning to love digi's, at first, they were not my friends, but we are learning to love one another, and i'm looking into photoshop, cause lady b does some awesome stuff and i want to copy her :). for our hop i worked with femdom and v-day grumpie. i had something else planned for the grumpie, but the sickness got me again, so it didn't get finished, i'm hoping to finish it for tues though. i'm sorry about the pictures, the weather has been horrible for the past few days. for my first atc, i used femdom-spreader bar. i tried to go with light coloring, almost andy warholish, but it didn't come out in the picture, but please trust me, it's there. and for my grumpie i placed them in to two puffs, i painted the background, with a mixture of green, blue, and silver. i loved making the senitment bigger, to bring out the crazniess. enjoy and get to hopping! lisa

Black Dragon
Lady Brayton

***due to the weather and technical difficulties the new digi stamps will be up later today***


Andrea C said...

very cool x

Alison said...

These are both super cool! I love your poufs! They're awesome! And your Grumpie idea is so clever!

~Lady B~ said...

I love what you've done! I especially love the vintage foreign paper you have used with your first project and your poufs! Totally adds to the feel of your projects!

Sorry you are ill again. This has been a rough year for both of us as far as illness is concerned. Let's make a pact to get better and stay better!

Alex said...

You are doing great with digis and I agree, Lady B rocks the whole digi world. I love the effects you create!!! Both ATCs are fab!

Scrap Vamp said...

Great use of the stamps! Those cards are awesome!

DK Spins said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I really like both of the ATC's, Lisa, especially the poufs using paper with words. Way Cool. Get better soon!

KC said...

lisa your work is amazing! I love how vintage you made the woman!