Thursday, January 13, 2011

smeared ink thurs!!!!!

hello! so this is not what i had in mind for today! and i'm sorry it looks a little funky. what i had in mind i will show you at the end. i used candy is dandy from smeared ink. i embossed it with black embossing powder. well when i went to color it, i though it would be fun to use my oil pasteals. so i colored then i went to blend, the oils and the embossing powder blended together to give the colors at black tint to them. i kinda like it, but it wasn't what i was going for. for the background i mixed some water with pink and silver arylic paint, painted it, then while it was wet, i added a few drops of alochol ink. now here is what i spent about an hour on and LOOK AT IT, it's awful!!!!!
mind you, i used the same stamp as above, and i oh so carefully glued inbetween each line to add micro beads to. i was trying to color it with micro beads. it looked so flippin' awesome. BUT LOOK AT IT NOW!!!!!! here's where i went wrong, i think, or at least i'm pretty sure. i didn't let the flippin' glue dry all the way before i added the glaze on top. i wanted to add the glaze to protect my work. i added glaze and then went to bed, i woke up to find THIS! one day i will find a use for it, i've grown to like it since i have somewhat got past my disappoiment. and i might try this again, this time i will wait for the glue to dry. enjoy! lisa

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KC said...

I love the first one great coloring! it actually looks sweet...I'm twisted I know...and way to be so optimistic about the second one! I'm sure you'll find something great to do with it...I think it actually looks kinda cool!