Friday, January 20, 2012

recycle and be cute!

hello and welcome! what we have here is... a recycled belt turned into a cuff! santa brought hubby 2 new belts, when i went to steal the old one, he was still wearing it, because it was already molded to him.  i cut it at about 8 in. and out of the one belt, i can get about 3 or 4 cuffs out of it. for the pendant i used hello dollie from retro cafe art, and if you head over to their facebook page they are having a contest/giveaway until feb 14th. the words are from lotteria cards and the glitter is ms.

this is the funky flower that the pentdant sits on. it started out as a roselet, but i wanted to make it more curvy, so i sewed it and rouched (don't know how to spell that word). i glued the pendant in the middle and then glued/sewed the entire thing on top of the belt.
i used a button hole and placed another hole to sew the button on. used a piece of fiber for the tie! enjoy! lisa

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