Wednesday, February 1, 2012

let's sew wednesday!

 hello and welcome! sorry i wasn't here last week, i started a part-time job and as soon as i did my business picked up all crazy-like. when i started this i had the yo-yo's placed on black and white background fabric, but it gave me a headache the more i looked at it. so, out cane the red and white fabric! there is a total of 42 yo-yo's on the pillow. (what can i say i LOVE yo-yo's).
 i love doing the back of a pillow in the slip type, it's so easy to do! since the pillow is 14x14 i cut one piece of fabric 14 1/2 by 8 and another 14 1/2 by 9. sew a seam on one side and sew the other 3 sides to your pillow (i know this wasn't the best description, so one week i'll have a tutorial with pictures)
instead of hand sewing the yo-yo's on, i machined sewed them. i'm planning on doing one with black and white background with red and white yo-yo's! enjoy! lisa

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Bits & Pieces Quilting said...

I love your pillow! Good job.