Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A quilt in progress

 hello and welcome to let's us wednesday! i have a work in progress today, when it's finished it will be about 2 months late. i'm making this for my great-niece's 1st birthday, which was on dec 31st. i picked this great selection of moda fabrics
 i stole the pattern idea from here (she's has great, great stuff over there!) this is super easy to make (or at least so far it is) i picked 9 different fabrics and sewed them into a nine block pattern. i bought 2 fat quarters of each fabric, the store i went to was having a sale on fat quarters so i didn't buy a 1/2 yard. i'm pretty sure they will be enough for a twin size quilt.
after you get your nine block sewed up, cut them into 4 even squares, mine came out to 7 by 7. i'm going to need a total of 88 7 by 7 squares and 22 9 blocks. there will be a 5.5in border across and 4.5in border down (or at least that is how my math came out, i hate math). hopefully it will be finished within a couple of weeks! enjoy! lisa

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Bits & Pieces Quilting said...

Yum! Love the fabrics. Can't wait to see it finished!