Wednesday, March 7, 2012

it's back!!!! let's sew wednesday!

hello and welcome back! sorry i've been gone, but, i'm back!!!! after i finished this project i realized that i'm not a very good blogger. i didn't take pictures of the work in progress, i'm going to work on being a better blogger. (it will take a few post before this happens). my new part-time job is awesome! cause i get great finds all the time! this lovely cup cost me around $3! i made about a 5in yo-yo and filled it with emery. i added a few rocks to the bottom, i glued the edges of the cup and shoved the filled yo-yo in. i glued the cup to the saucer, so i could add extra pins on the bottom. enjoy! lisa

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Bits & Pieces Quilting said...

I love the idea of using the saucer for the overflow. Welcome back!