Wednesday, May 23, 2012

let's sew wednesday!!!!

 hello, it's been awhile!!!! and i'm not liking this new blogger, given time i might, but right now, change is not always good! anyway, on to today's post. this is a scrap busting scarf. it's made from left over bits of different quilts i've made last year. the pom pom boarder is vintage and came from an estate sale.  each piece is about 2 1/2 inchs wide and sadly, i can't remember how long. i made this awhile back ago and it has left the house.
i'm determinted to get myself orginaizated and in doing so, if i'm not keeping it for me, out it goes! after finishing the scarf, i wish i would have put the pom pom's just at the ends. going all the way around the scarf makes it a little heavy. enjoy! and i'm going to try and not leave for that long again! lisa