Wednesday, June 13, 2012

let's sew wednesday!

 hello and welcome, due to down computer and being super busy, my blogging skills have fallen.  even though this post is late, it is better late then never! sadly, i missed smeared and smudged skull apperation day due to my computer. i will be showing that post one day soon, but for today, i have a super easy bookmark! if you have left overs of a favoriate fabric this is the perfect project for it! decied on how long you would like your bookmark to be, if you would like a 9in one, then cut your fabric about 3in wide by 18 1/2in. if you would like to add an embellishment, like a yo-yo with a button in the middle, do so now! place it about 3/4in of an inch down from the top of your bookmark. 
 then fold right sides together and sew the sides leaving about 1/4in from the top and sew with a 1/4in seam allonance. when you have a yo-yo with a button, it is a little wonky sewing around it, but if i can do it, then you can too!
now, turn it out and fold the ends in a tad bit, and sew the top closed! super easy! (as i am posting this my computer froze up and had to be shut down, here i thought i fixed the darn thing, i guess a new computer is in my future) enjoy! lisa

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