Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Place for keys

 hello and welcome! finally back after that wonderful 31 days! there is a 12 days of creepmas coming up from smeared ink, but i'm not sure yet. if i find a chance to make a few i'm going to do it! i'm awful at taking before pictures and sometimes even taking after picutres. i took these pictures at my booth. this lovely key holder took about 15 mins to make!
i took this awesome wooden domino, (i traded some of my deodrant for a set of these) some wood screws, and wooden spools. after i drilled the screws into the domino, i added some glue to the spools for more stabliaty. with a hook on the back so it will hang, and done! you can find 5 dominos and wooden spools in my etsy shop. enjoy! lisa


Daniella said...

What and awesome unique idea!! I love the weathered look of it!

Ally White Cat said...

Oh my gosh this Rocks i cannot believe you made one..they are awesome and they seem so hard to make.
I love it..wonderful my friend
susan s