Friday, November 16, 2012

Kodachrome Lamp

 hello and welcome. i'm an awful blogger that is trying to get better. i make random things, most of which i sell in my booth at an antique store, and i forget to take pictures. sometimes i remember to take the picture, only to go and find out that it sold. so, this picture was taken at the store, at least i remember to take the picture this time ;)
 my husband's uncle saved everything, when he passed away, we uncovered a ton of old kodachromes. some we saved and put on cd, the others went to me! this lamp took forever to make. i ripped off all the paper on the images and attached each image with a jumpring. at some point i realized that some where upside down, but by then, i was so tired of attaching them, i didn't care.
its lovely when the light is turned on, and a cool black and white when the light is off! you can find kodachrome in my etsy shop. enjoy! lisa


Matney said...

hahaaaa, this is awesome! Love that after so many it just needs to get done. You are extremely patient to add all those rings, but so worth the effort because this is stunning. Just hope there is no naked pics on those old rolls, hahaahaaa

~Lady B~ said...

wickedly cool project!

Sharon Sahl said...

Totally awesome! Do the images project around the room? I love this!