Sunday, January 11, 2015

Binding a Tim Holtz Journal with Bakers Twine

Hello and welcome! Today I have small tutorial on binding your Tim Holtz Worn Cover Journal with Bakers Twine. 
You'll start off with your twine, about 1 yard (36 inches), a large metal binder ring, and your jounral.
You'll feed the twine into the holes in the journal and the holes in the binder ring.
Then you will feed the left side twine into the right side hole (or vise versa).
Then you will feed the right side twine into the left side hole (or vise versa).
Basically opposite side to opposite side.
You'll do this until your twine is short enough for you to tie it off.
Once you tie it off, your done! Your journal is ready to be filled with all sorts of goodness! Enjoy! Lisa


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