Thursday, May 21, 2015

Accidental Art Journal Pages

 Hello and welcome! When I took Dyan Reaveley's class, she would have you take out pages of your journal for 'accidental pages'. I've always made 'accidental pages', but instead I call them 'junk paper'.
I love making junk paper. Cleaning off bits of brushes and tools, using it for table protection and the like.
 Well, I ran out of a junk page that I was using for stamps and punches, so I made another one! I used the brayer technique for it with the colors of the one I ran out of. The above journal page, is an accidental page from my punch page. (Geez, I can't keep up with what I'm calling these papers).

 I even save the negative of my punches, just in case!
 I also like to take old book pages or vintage pages that can be found in my kits, and clean my brushes and sponges on them. Later I can stamp or punch them out! Be very gentle when doing this, old paper tears very easily. ('Like a Lady' as Dyan would say)

So here's a bit of a page with the junk page punch outs! Enjoy! Lisa

Paints I used were: Vibrant TurquoiseFresh LimeLemon ZestSqueezed OrangeCrushed Grape

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