Monday, May 18, 2015

Smoothies Anyone???

 Hello and welcome! I've been trying to lose some weight. Like 80 flipping pounds of weight. In my quest to eat healthier and better, I've discovered the love of smoothies. Today I have my favorite morning smoothie. I drink smoothies as more as a snack then a meal. In the mornings I wake up at 4am, go to the gym and eat a light breakfast. (couple of eggs or a small serving of oatmeal). Around 9ish, I'm hungry again. Smoothie to the rescue! Now I don't measure, I just stick stuff in and hope that it tastes like it did the last time I made it.
You will need: spinach, milk, 1 frozen banana, assorted frozen fruit, protein powder and peanut butter powder (you can leave the last 2 out if you want)
 This stuff is the world's greatest stuff ever!!!! My sister-in-law told me about peanut butter powder. It is the best! I picked mine up at Walmart. They have it with chocolate and without. I don't use ice in my smoothies, instead I freeze my fruit.
 My tip for y'all. Peel your banana's before freezing them!!!! They break apart wonderfully.
 I use a Magic Bullet, which I love and we have used for about 7 years. I shove about this much spinach in the cup.
 Then add this much milk
 Then add a scoop of protein powder (the only thing I actually measure) and add some peanut butter powder. I add this after the milk so it get mixed in with everything.
 Finally I shove the banana in and whatever fruit will fit!
 Blend well and enjoy!!!! So Flippin' Good!!!!

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