Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Vintage Mason Lid Turned Pincushion

Hello and welcome! Months and months ago (so it was more like years ago) I bought about 5 zinc mason jars lids, thinking I would find jars that needed lids. The other day I was trying to organize myself and found the lids. The idea for the pincushions formed itself while I was deciding what to do with the lids.
I always have a few cutter quilts on hand. So I got my Creative Memories Circles and I used the largest one to cut the pincushion out.

Sew it up just like you would a yo-yo. With the thickness of the quilt, it will not turn out like a yo-yo though. You just need the circle shape.

Fill it about 1/4 to 1/2 way with Emery Sand or you could use walnut shells.

The fill the rest with fluff, really fill it in there. Then you will glue the inside of the ball lid with E600 (didn't get a picture of this, sorry). When you have glued all the way around, shove your quilt into the ball lid! Now you have a super, awesome pincushion. Don't want to make one? You can find one here Enjoy! Lisa

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