Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer Road Trips

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Hello and Welcome!!!! Today I'm sharing with you a tip on a great road trip. (Or at least how to prepare for a great road trip. If your family is like mine, well.....Kidding, we have fun!)

Last year we did Disney World, which was great, but this year we decided on something a bit educational and bit exploring the States. So, we are going to New Mexico!!! Super excited! We know we want to go to Carlsbad Caverns.
My oldest son wants to go to Roswell and my youngest wants to do the Billy the Kid Trail and I would like to treasure hunt. We have about 8 days to see the state. 

To start our adventure, I used Love this site!!! I used it last year for our Florida trip.
You put in where you are going, then there is options of what you would like to see/do on the way like: accommodations, food, attractions & culture, outdoors & recreation, points of interest (this is my favorite, its all the strange stuff, like Paisano Pete, the world's largest roadrunner, yes, we are stopping there).
You decide the options you want, they have one for nightlife, but we have young children, so I didn't include that in our search. Little icons pop up, when you click on it, it tells you what it is, and then you can add it to your trip or not. The wonderful part is Roadtrippers put everything in order for you!!!! I love this site (no, they aren't paying me, they have no idea I'm writing this, this is my honest opinion). 
Another tip for y'all, if you are visiting another state, get on their website. The government website for the state and look for tourist info. They will usually send you free stuff, like maps, magazines, coupons and such, all for free. Sadly, New Mexico didn't send us a map (we are old school and like real maps), but they did send us a magazine with info about the state. 
Also, don't forget to pack snacks and drinks, that get pricey out on the road! I have a great idea for a travel journal/scrapbook I'll be sharing later (like late July/Aug) about our trip! Enjoy and get out and see something this summer!

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