Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Embellishments and the like

 Hello and Welcome! Today I have these cute embellishments for y'all!
Super easy to make too! I used the sugar skull from here, but you can use your own drawing if you would like, or whatever your heart desires!
 It is important to use the same drawing for this, that why everything lines up later on.
You need to get some carbon paper, I picked mine up at my local office supply store.
Place your paper that you want your image to appear on, on the bottom. Then place your carbon paper on top, then your image. I went over mine with a pencil. And I pressed down with pressure.
Here's the finished image!!! Or at least, almost finished.
Now, take another paper, completely different from your first. I used one of my junk papers. I traced over the parts that I wanted to pop.
Then cut them out and glue to your 1st image.
Then go over it with a sharpie like I did, or whatever suits your fancy! Enjoy!

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